Monday, 2 July 2018


A day for Spiritual Accompaniers 
30th Oct 2018 10-4pm 
At St Benedict's, West Malling
Bring a Packed lunch, drinks provided. 

The Enneagram is an ancient tool for understanding the deep motivation of our actions and thoughts, as we learn to observe our habitual behavior and thinking patterns.   When we are able to observe ourselves we become more aware of the energies and motives that drive us, and what limits our inner freedom.  The Enneagram can also help us to see what for each individual would constitute the path for growth, so that the real gifts of our Enneagram space can be released from the egoism that keeps us unfree to be the person God calls us to be.
During the workshop we will reflect on our own experience of our own Enneagram stance, acknowledge the gifts and the flip side of the gifts, and also reflect on the possible stances of others we know, including our directees – obviously without naming people. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of the Enneagram. 
The day will be facilitated by Sister Felicity and Sister Margaret who are experienced spiritual accompaniers and have given input on the Enneagram to different groups for many years.  

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St Peter and St Paul, Seal: The Fruit of the Spirit: Day 8: Goodness

St Peter and St Paul, Seal: The Fruit of the Spirit: Day 8: Goodness: Goodness “Good” is a word which can have a very wide range of meanings. Food is sometimes described by advertisers as full of goodness...

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

St Peter and St Paul, Seal: The Fruit of the Spirit: Day 6: Patience

St Peter and St Paul, Seal: The Fruit of the Spirit: Day 6: Patience: Patience The Greek word Paul uses, makrothumia, literally means “large-hearted” or “large-souled”, but perhaps we can more helpfully ...

Monday, 14 May 2018

St Peter and St Paul, Seal: The Fruit of the Spirit: Day 5: Peace

St Peter and St Paul, Seal: The Fruit of the Spirit: Day 5: Peace: Peace Peace, in the Bible, isn’t simply the absence of war. It is the state of being in which everything is whole and as it should b...

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Thy Kingdom Come in Kent and Medway

Over 300 events as churches in Kent and Medway get set to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’
  • ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ global prayer event to take place between 10 and 20 May.
  • Rochester Cathedral to become focus of prayer for the region.
  • Over 300 prayer events in local churches over the 10 days.
Over 300 prayer events are set to take place in Church of England churches across north west Kent, Medway and the London Boroughs of Bromley and Bexley, as part of Thy Kingdom Come (TKC) - a global movement of prayer which begins today 10 May, and runs until 20 May. It marks the traditional period between Ascension Day and Pentecost.
An initiative of the Archbishops’ of Canterbury and York, Thy Kingdom Come invites people to take-up the Pledge2Pray challenge, asking them to pray for five people they know to come to faith, as well as for the transformation of communities.
Canon Rachel Phillips, Canon for Mission and Growth at Rochester Cathedral, who has been coordinating TKC events across the region which makes up the Diocese of Rochester, said that the range and number of events happening was very exciting:
“We have everything from prayer walks to quiet days, prayer workshops introducing people to new forms of prayer, as well as 24/7 prayer rooms. There are traditional as well as creative expressions of prayer, and prayer events that will bring different denominations and traditions together.
“It’s great to see people from across our churches getting involved simply to pray, Thy Kingdom Come.”
During the 10 days, Rochester Cathedral will itself become a giant visual prayer for the Diocese, with prayers and displays from across church communities, encouraging everyone to pray for the growth of God’s kingdom throughout the region. 
All the events have been listed into a TKC Diocesan Prayer Calendar, allowing people to find out what is going on, take part, or just hold the event in their prayers.
As part of his May video message, the Rt Rev James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester, has encouraged people to take part, while reflecting on what people might mean and hope for when they pray, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’:
'The prayer for God’s Kingdom to come is the prayer for nothing less than the transformation of all things in Christ; the coming of that which is God’s ultimate intention and purpose for creation and for humankind. 
"It is also, more explicitly of course, that people may consciously become part of the life of the kingdom as they respond in faith to God’s grace in Jesus Christ - and that’s a particular emphasis of the archbishops’ Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative.”
Local TKC Champions have been galvanizing support across the churches. Activities include:
  • A Prayer Posada, at St. Mary’s Church Riverhead in Sevenoaks, where participants will pray for family and friends living abroad who aren't church members and for the people of those countries.
  • Prayers on the street at Chatham Bus station with members of St. John’s Church, Chatham
  • A prayer labyrinth with accompanying meditation booklet, available in church before each weekday service at St. George’s Beckenham
For more information about local events, visit:
More information about Thy Kingdom Come, can be found here:
Any churches who would like to send in film footage read this brief here