Monday, 2 July 2018


A day for Spiritual Accompaniers 
30th Oct 2018 10-4pm 
At St Benedict's, West Malling
Bring a Packed lunch, drinks provided. 

The Enneagram is an ancient tool for understanding the deep motivation of our actions and thoughts, as we learn to observe our habitual behavior and thinking patterns.   When we are able to observe ourselves we become more aware of the energies and motives that drive us, and what limits our inner freedom.  The Enneagram can also help us to see what for each individual would constitute the path for growth, so that the real gifts of our Enneagram space can be released from the egoism that keeps us unfree to be the person God calls us to be.
During the workshop we will reflect on our own experience of our own Enneagram stance, acknowledge the gifts and the flip side of the gifts, and also reflect on the possible stances of others we know, including our directees – obviously without naming people. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of the Enneagram. 
The day will be facilitated by Sister Felicity and Sister Margaret who are experienced spiritual accompaniers and have given input on the Enneagram to different groups for many years.