Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Developing Direction

Deepening Direction

Deepening Direction: From Novice to Apprentice: A year-long development course
Dates:  Fridays, 11 - 4pm, 14 Oct, 11 Nov, 9 Dec, 3 Feb, 3 Mar, 31 Mar, 28 Apr, 9 Jun, 7 July
Cost: £400

This year, as part of the Developing Direction Programme, we are offering a unique chance to develop the craft of listening and discernment through intensive practice and feedback, with experienced spiritual directors.
By nature, spiritual direction is solitary, and there is little or no opportunity for direct reflection on the practice of our craft, in the way there would be if one were, say, a carpenter or a writer.  The purpose of the course is not to give more knowledge of topics linked to spiritual direction, but to offer the participants an experience of giving spiritual direction, and developing their craft through kindly observation, feedback, and reflection on what happened in each session.

The course is aimed at spiritual directors with a little experience at their craft, but who have not had enough opportunity to take their practice to a more competent, confident and relaxed level.  It is open to people who have completed a training somewhere (ISC, Encounter, SPIDIR, etc.), and have had at least one year’s relationship with at least one directee post training.

The programme will be led by Julian Maddock, with Ken Browne and Annette Kaye as additional tutors, depending on numbers.
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AND.... watch this space
Developing Direction, the Monthly Programme is returning in January 2017
For general queries about or suggestions for the Developing Direction Programme contact Julie Leger Dunstan, Coordinator for the Network of Spiritual Directors on

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Developing Direction - Listening to the unsaid/unspoken: the hidden language of those with terminal Illness
3 June 2016, 11 - 4pm
with Sr Diane Reynolds and Ursa Salobir
Cost: £45

This day will focus on how we journey alongside those who are terminally ill from the perspective of Spiritual Accompaniment and within the clinical context.  The workshop will consist of input and conversation between Sister Diane and Dr Ursa based on their personal experience of accompanying those with terminal illness. It will include writings, poems, and reference to real-life situations. Please bring to this day your own experience in this field as well as being ready to engage in conversation and explore together on the subject matter.  Read more and book

Safeguarding and Spiritual Direction
Friday 10th June 1 - 4pm 
with Dawn Watson from CCPAS (the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service)

From time to time spiritual directors may find themselves presented with an event which concerns child or vulnerable adult abuse, either historic or current. This morning is designed as an event for all spiritual directors & those training to become spiritual directors on the issues we need to consider when working with vulnerable adults issues concerning Safeguarding
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All Kinds of Ways of Praying (Part 2)
Led by Rosey Feuell
Monday evenings
6 – 8.30pm
June 6,13, 20, 27 June, 2016
Cost: £80

This Course is designed for people who may be familiar with traditional prayer times and methods, but would like to be more adventurous and creative in their approach and possible follow-up activities, relating prayer to their own needs and personal expression. We are have spaces for anyone wishing to book on for Part 2 of this course which can be taken independently from part 1 Read more and book

The Food of Love: Hexachordia Celebrates Shakespeares Music
Monday, 20th June, 6 - 7pm
Cost: £10, including a glass of wine or juice

Organised by our friend Gaynor Harper, this concert will be a feast for the ears! Hexachordia will perform a programme of Elizabethan music, inspired by quotations from the Bard's works, on instruments including the lute, recorders, violas and virginals.  Read more and book