Friday, 13 January 2012

Basic Enneagram Course

Friday 27th – Sunday 29th April 2012
Times:  Friday 1930-2130
             Saturday 1000-1600
             Sunday 1430-1630

         Course Tutors:
               Rev’d Margi Walker
               and Rev’d Chris Wilkinson
               with team

Please bring your own lunch -drinks will be provided. 
Cost:  £45 including course books

At Stelling Minnis Village Hall, CT4 6AG
7 miles south of  Canterbury, off B2068.

For further information or queries, please contact Rev’d Margi Walker
Tel: 01227 730805  


The Enneagram is a tool of compassion which helps us to understand ourselves and our motivations.
It describes nine different personality styles. Each one is defined by an emotional habit, a characteristic pattern of thought and a style of relating to others, which together produce a distinctive point of view.

There are nine particular ways in which we can weigh ourselves down with unnecessary baggage and the invitation of The Enneagram is to recognise our own burden and, by God’s grace, to begin to let it go.

The Enneagram teaches that no one type is better than another but that each of us approaches life seeing it through a different lens of assumptions and perceptions.

The Enneagram encourages us to make sense of our own personalities and to access possibilities for change within ourselves.  It also helps us to have more understanding and appreciation of others whose motivation is different from ours.

This weekend course is for those with no previous knowledge of the Enneagram. 
On this course, the nine spaces will be explored through a variety of ways. 
By the end of the weekend, people will have gained sufficient understanding to choose which personality type they belong to.

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