Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent Breathing Space: Visions of the Nativity 1

At St Peter & St Paul, Seal we hold three small scale candlelit contemplative Communion services during Advent.

The theme for these special Advent services this year is "Visions of the Nativity" and the talk in each service will be focussed on a different classic approach to painting the  Christmas story. The first service looked at the image of Jesus as a newborn lying naked on the ground (see the example right by Fra Angelico) while Mary and Joseph kneel in prayer, an image that can seem rather odd to us - who'd leave a baby lying about like that, cold and uncomfortable...?

If you would like to read the talk, it is here on our sermon blog (the next two talks will be posted after they are delivered.) Of course, anyone who wants to is welcome to come along to these services - the next two are on Thurs 13th and 20th Dec at 8pm.

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