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Exploring Christian Spirituality at London Centre for Spirituality

Exploring Christian Spirituality ; course begins soon
The tree in the churchyard at St Edmund's


Antonia Lynn
John-Francis Friendship

Monday afternoons
2pm - 4.45pm

14th October 2013
to 31st March 2014

Three Modules over two terms (19 sessions).

There will be breaks for Christmas and Easter and two further short breaks.

The cost of the course is £300

The Course is open to people of all traditions, those of other faith groups, and any who are interested in exploring the theme of Christian Spirituality.

This Course is intended to be experiential rather than academic – to complement personal journeys in spiritual development – and some may find the pace gentler than in other Courses.

Spiritual Formation Today
It is clear that more and more people are developing an interest in spirituality.  The emergence of an awareness that being human concerns matters of mind, body and spirit is not just limited to the personal realm but is being recognised as a factor in the way groups, organisation and societies function.
Realising this growing need, Exploring Christian Spirituality, is a response from the London Centre for SpiritualityThe Course was first run in 2006 and is designed to appeal to those who:

  •  want to discover more about Christian spirituality
  •  seek to widen their understanding of the subject;
  •  are considering further courses but need to deepen their awareness of the breadth of our tradition;
  •  would like to learn new forms of prayer;
  •  are hoping to develop courses in spirituality in their own churches;
  •  feel a call to train as Spiritual Directors;
  •  are looking for a way of renewing their prayer

Please forward this email to anyone you think would be interested. Perhaps the course would be good for a directee, a friends at church, a colleague....

Click to open the course brochure

You can book now through our Eventbrite site with a variety of payment options.

Or you can email us with any queries or for further details.


“My love is as the hills,
the lonely valleys clad with forest trees.
The rushing, sounding rills,
Strange isles in distant seas,
Lover-like whisperings,
murmurs of the breeze.
My love is the hush-of-night,
Is dawn’s first breathing’s
in the heavens above,
Still music veiled from sight,
Calm that can echoes move,
The feast that brings new strength –
The feast of love.”
S. John of the Cross
Spirituality is not the preserve of a few, chosen,
holy, unique individuals.
It is the means by which we all find our
meaning and purpose in life.
“The crown of God’s creation is a human
being, made in the image of God
and possessing an affinity to him
in virtue of which he may come to
know him,
to love him and, in the end,
to see him”
Bishop Michael Ramsey


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