Thursday, 6 March 2014

Stations of the Cross at St Luke's Gillingham

Lent 2014 - Stations of the Cross @ St. Luke the Evangelist, Virginia Road, Gillingham. ME1 7PB
Come and join us for this traditional Lenten devotion, as we make our way around the sacred space of our great barn of a Church!  A short but reverent service (with a hymn or two), pausing for a Bible reading, brief meditation, and prayer, at each of the Stations depicting Our Lord's journey towards the Cross of Calvary.  These service, whether on Saturdays or Sundays, are followed by refreshments and an informal time of fellowship.  Contact 01634 818649 (Ian - Parish Reader) or 07876 594207 (Father Paul's mobile) for more details.

Saturdays 8th + 25th March/5th April:
930am Mass followed by Stations of the Cross
Sunday 16th March
5pm Stations of the Cross followed by Benediction
Sunday 30th March

5pm Stations of the Cross followed by a short Celtic/Iona service

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