Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Lockdown online guided retreat


Online Guided Retreat
27 April - 8th May 2020

The Spirituality Network in Rochester Diocese is organising an online guided retreat in this time of self-isolation, for those of you who feel drawn to spending more time in prayer. 
You are simply encouraged to put aside some time each day for prayer. You will be paired with a spiritual accompanier, who will either phone you, or make contact via computer, at the same time each day for 20–30 minutes. The intention is for you to listen to God through praying with scripture and in talking and reflecting with your accompanier, who will listen and may suggest various scripture passages for you to use. 
The dates and length of the retreat will be flexible between the   27th of April – 8th of May (we recommend 4-5 days) and it will       be up to you to arrange with the spiritual accompanier the        dates and times you meet.  
If you are interested, whether or not you have done anything like this before, please do feel free to be in touch to find out more. 
If you would like to find out more, or to book a place, please contact Susanne Carlsson susannecarlssons@hotmail.co.uk 07795167603

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